Every love story has a beginning and this is mine.

I have always had trouble finding true love, I guess most of us has. But I think I’ve got to this point when I just wan’t to be young wild and free. Don’t care about anything. Last time I held back, it turned out to be a disaster. Of course I’m afraid to just let go. I’m that kind of person that have issues to let people in, to let them know the real me. I just wish he could give me the time to show him this time. 

This boy he’s a real badass, and I can’t help falling for him. On the outside he has this kind of Chuck Bass look, so sweet but also were harsh. There is something that makes me wounder who he is. The thing is, I’ve known him since forever. It’s kind of ironic that I fell for him after all these years. But you can’t predict love so.. 

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